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Internal technical office


Control test


Advanced department


Customized products

We are also aware of being the ideal representatives able to work side by side with agencies and graphic design studios for the realization of their projects.

From design to printing

Thanks to the technical study we are able to provide a service of graphic design aimed at your communication. We follow you from this stage to delivery.We are also aware to be an ideal partner working side by side with agencies and graphic design studios to start their projects

Before proceeding to the printing plates we process and check each file to control and eventually eliminate imperfections.Through digital prints we are able to let you see the final result in advance.

A well-advanced department allows us to satisfy any kind of request for special finishes.

Thanks to a qualified staff we guarantee chromatically  consistent and quality prints .

Final stage

Productive process

A manufacturing process which enables us to join one or more frames so that they form a single sheet with a greater resistance than the single sheet. During this stage is obtained a sheet of corrugated which coupled to the flat cardboard, suitable for the specific production we want to realize.

Die-cutting is the process which allows us to cut according to a specific drawing the sheets of paper or cardboard by means of a cutting steel profile suitably shaped in order to obtain customized products.

Through a production process we have a consolidated folder-gluer of last generation that allows us to realize with the maximum efficiency any kind of fold and gluing.

We carry out every kind of request for special finishes.

Design and research